Educational Brokers Ltd. is a club of agents who deal with various study options abroad.

We all know each other and meet regularly at exhibitions and conferences, share the news, success stories and discuss problems. We all follow the latest trends in our industry. We help each other as much as possible. We are friends, sharing professional interests as well as having common lifestyle.

We all have our own “hobby-horse”, or the field of education which we know the best, be it private schools in Switzerland or universities in England, or any other one. Therefore, we advise each other and carefully direct our customers to each other for the best results.

We understand that our advice is often needed only once in a lifetime of a young person when choosing the path to follow, or an entrepreneur who has already chosen their path but needs a breakthrough from recession or crisis, lacks knowledge or just needs to take a look at his field of activity from a different angle, take in the situation and make the right decision.

Experience and advice are our products. For those who know everything the best and prefer to choose the future school for their children based on beautiful photos online or listen to the advice of their neighbours, we are not suitable. For those who prefer to listen to the advice of professionals, we are at your disposal!

Call us, write to us, and we will help you.

Juris Tuns,
Coordinator of the Club